We proudly present: our new race poster!

Who else should shine on the 2019 race poster than Jaroslav Kovacic? Last year the Slovenian won in a time of 7:55:34 and he broke the 19 year old race record! The graphic on the poster you will [...]

Evert Scheltinga: ‘This race is always important’

Of course Evert Scheltinga, Multiple National Champion Long Distance, will race CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM again this year. With ambitions, because he is aiming for a place on the podium and, to [...]

Challenge Almere-Amsterdam signs a new sponsorship with GPS-Buddy: innovation with safety!

All medical vehicles and a large proportion of the motorbikes that will be used during CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM, will be equipped with a GPS system from the company GPS-Buddy. This because of an [...]

This PowerBar products will be available during Challenge Almere-Amsterdam

PowerBar will be the official Nutrition Partner of CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM for two consecutive years. During the European Championships Long Distance as well as during the ITU World [...]

ITU Long Distance World Championships 2020, to be held over a 3,8km swim, 180km bike and 42km run

The ITU Executive Board has approved that the ITU Long Distance World Championships 2020, to be held during the Multisport World Championships in Almere, will be held over the classic long [...]

National Champion Joep Staps about National and World Championships bike course Cross Triathlon: ‘It’s really amazing’