‘Dancing finisher’ Heather Holt: “No words for it. It was a magical moment’

Every Challenge Almere-Amsterdam finish is unique and every athlete is a hero. But, to be honest, the finish of Heather Holt was probably one of the most amazing finishes in the history of [...]

Challenge Almere-Amsterdam is included in local variant Monopoly

It’s a big honor: to be included in the Almere variant of the world famous family game Monopoly. Today this happend for Challenge Almere-Amsterdam: this race is one of the streets in the [...]

Matt Trautman takes race record Challenge Almere Amsterdam, Yvonne van Vlerken says farewell with European title

Only magic in Almere! With a race record in the men’s race – South African Matt Trautman set a spectacular time of 7:50:15 – and Yvonne van Vlerken who ended her career with an [...]

Halfway through bike course Challenge Almere-Amsterdam: favorites look at each other, Sarissa de Vries strong and solo in the lead

Thomas Steger, Matthew Trautman, Kristian Hogenhaug, Sven Strijk, Tomas Renc: these five men ride together after ninety kilometres on the bike during Challenge Almere-Amsterdam. At the womens [...]

Pro athletes can’t wait for Challenge Almere-Amsterdam: ‘A mentally tough, but above all amazing race’.

One thing became clear during today’s pro press conference: all athletes are aiming for the win during CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM. All athletes called it a mentally hard, but also [...]

Athlete Guide: everything you need to know for your Challenge Almere-Amsterdam 2019!

When are the briefings? Where should I put my bike and how many metres should I keep distance from other athletes while riding on my bike? These, but above all any other questions you may have, [...]

Amazing winners at successful National Championships Cross Triathlon: ‘A World Championship worthy course’

Sun and rain alternated during the National Championships Cross Triathlon in Almere today, which resulted in tough, but also crossworthy conditions on the already tough course. This resulted in [...]

Press conference: ‘Challenge Almere-Amsterdam is the most important race of the year’

It’s only 10 days left until the start of CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM and things are starting to get really exciting. More than 3700 athletes, from no less than 56 different countries, are [...]

Title defender Yvonne van Vlerken will race Challenge Almere-Amsterdam: last race as a pro

It’s special and above all very cool news: none other than Yvonne van Vlerken will be at the start of CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM this year. It’s special because at the end of last year [...]

Debutant Ryan Wesseling: ‘My first Long Distance had to be Almere’

As a young boy he was here to encourage his father, in recent years he regularly helped as a volunteer but this year, on September 14th, he is one of the participants: Ryan Wesseling (27) is [...]