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Bike course announced

March 30th, 2013

The Challenge Almere-Amsterdam starts with two swim laps of 1.9 kilometers in the Weerwater. The start is next to the Theatre Almere on the Esplanade in Almere Stad. After the first lap in the water you will take a ‘landlap’ on the pontoon. The first transition from swimming to the bike takes place on the Esplanade.

Dijk tussen Zeewolde en Almere

The cycling course of the Challenge Almere-Amsterdam exists of two laps of 90 kilometers. You leave Almere on big roads before heading to the Oostvaardersdike in the direction of Lelystad. To your left is the Markermeer with Amsterdam in the distance and on your righthand side are the Oostvaardersplassen, which contains numerous animal species. Just before Lelystad you turn right to cross the ‘polder’ while cruising on the reclaimed land below sea-level until you reach Zeewolde. This joungest village of the Netherlands will gladly receive you while passing through on your lap. Via the Horsterwold forrest you arrive on a typical Dutch dike with wide views over the ‘polder’ and its many windmills. The passing in Almere will take place on the southside of the Weerwater, which can be easily reached by ferry, bus, car and bike. Upon return in Almere also the second transition will take place on the Esplanade in Almere Stad.

From here you start your running course through the modern architecture of the city centre. In the centre of attention is green area around the Weerwater, the lake in the middle of Almere that once was a sea. The running course consists of four laps, which will be conquered by you before finishing on the Esplanade.

For maps look here.

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