Youth NC: 375 meter swim | 9.5K bike | 2.5K run

Sprint (NC Juniors + Open): 500 meter swim | 9.5K bike | 5K run

Standard (Elite NC + NC Agegroup + Open): 1K swim | 29.5K bike | 7.5K run

The Dutch Championship Cross Triathlon promises to be a spectacular race on a specially designed course. In addition to this National Championships there will be also an Open Series Cross Triathlon, which will be spectacular as well!

After the fast swim, you will hit your mountainbike to enjoy the heavy, but also technical course around Braambergen and De Kemphaan. Each round – 13 kilometres long – you reach over 200 altitude metres and you’ll race over the most amazing single tracks. This course was built last winter by dozens of enthusiastic volunteers and promises more than just spectacle. After the bike ride, of course, there will follow a nice run towards the finish line.

September 8th 2019 it’s on!

Joep Staps checkt het NK en WK Cross Triathlon fietsparcours

Niemand minder dan Nederlands Kampioen Cross Triathlon Joep Staps heeft afgelopen week in hoogsteigen persoon het gloednieuwe fietsparcours, dat we in 2019 zullen gebruiken voor het NK Cross Triathlon en in 2020 voor het WK Cross Triathlon, getest. Via de link zijn verhaal, in de video een impressie en zijn lovende reacties! Op 14 april, aanstaande zondag, krijg jij ook de kans om het parcours te verkennen! Meld je gerust aan via de link onder de link van het artikel! Champion Cross Triathlon Joep Staps came to Almere to test our new bike course for the National (2019) and World Championships (2020) Cross Triathlon. You can read his more than positive story about this 'test' via the link below! In the video below you can see some spectacular shots from the course and Joep Staps riding on it!

Geplaatst door Challenge Almere-Amsterdam op Donderdag 11 april 2019

Race information

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Youth NC: 375 meter

Sprint (NC Juniors + Open): 500 meter

Standard (Elite NC + NC Agegroup + Open): 1K

The swim course takes place in the water around the beautiful nature of Almere. During the swim you will pass the more than familiar local houseboats on one side, while the Kemphaan is on your other side. This is the place where a part of the bike course will take place. The swim course forms a clear ‘back and forth loop’ and promises fast times.


Youth: 9.5K

Sprint (NC Juniors + Open): 9.5K

Standard (Elite NC + NC Agegroups + Open): 29.5K

The bike course consists of several sections, which together form a 13 kilometres loop. You will start with 2 kilometres in the direction of Braambergen, followed by a hilly round (including 200 altitude metres) of 6 kilometres. Via Braambergen you will drive 1.5km back to the transition zone. This is the place where a flat, but technical section of 3.5 km around the Kemphaan will follow. During the race you will cross these sections several times.


Youth NC: 2.5K

Sprint (NC Juniors + Open): 5K

Standard (Elite NC+ NC Agegroups + Open): 7.5K

The run course also takes you through the beautiful nature around the Kemphaan. The lap of just over two kilometres mainly leads over forest paths and needs to be completed several times, depending on the discipline.


Entry fee



What’s in the NK Crosstriathlon Race Kit?

Every participant receives the Challenge Race Kit: a bag filled with various goodies and gear you’ll need for the race.

  • Challenge swimcap
  • MyLaps Chip
  • Bib number
  • Bike stickers
  • Helmet stickers
  • Bib number Tattoos
  • Athlete Wristband
  • Red Bike bag
  • Blue Run bag
  • Green After Race bag


subject to changes

Sunday 8 september8:30amRegistration & TA openKemphaan
Sunday 8 september10:30amStart NC YouthKemphaan
Sunday 8 september10:50amStart NC JuniorsKemphaan
Sunday 8 september11:00amStart Sprint (open serie)Kemphaan
Sunday 8 september11:30amStart Standard (NC Elite, NC Agegroup + open)Kemphaan
Sunday 8 september14:00pmAward CeremonyKemphaan


Look at the start list of CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM!

You will receive your starting package before the race after you tell us your starting number (will be assigned 1 week prior the race) and show us your ID card.

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