Para-Triathlon Long & Middle Distance

3,8km swim – 180km bike – 42,2km run
1,9km swim – 92,5km bike – 21,1km run

CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM is open to all! We encourage Para-triathletes to compete in our race. You can participate in the Long and Middle distance, and you’re allowed to be accompanied by a guide.

Challenge this! Swim 3,8 or 1,9km, Cycle 180 or 92,5km, and Run 42,2 or 21,1km through the flat and open landscape of Almere-Amsterdam.

September 9th it’s on!

Did you know that, after Hawaii, Almere-Amsterdam is the oldest triathlon in the world?!

Race information

Be prepared and read our briefing. Everything you need to know about the race is in there!

Make sure you read it carefully.

See the complete triathlon weekend’s time schedule

Swim Course

1 or 2 laps of 1,9km

The CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM starts with one or two swim laps of 1.9 kilometers in the Weerwater (blue line). The start is next to the Theatre Almere on the Esplanade in Almere Stad. You will swim counterclockwise. The first transition from swimming to the bike takes place on the Esplanade.

Bike Course

1 or 2 laps of 90km*

The bike course of the CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM consists of one or two laps of 90km (*Middle Distance lap is 92,5km). The course is divers: with dikes, polders, and a lot of greens!

The long, windy dikes and the open polders are challenging and tough, both mentally and physically.

Run Course

3 or 6 laps of 7,03km

From the Esplanade you start your running course through the modern architecture of the city centre. The centre of attention is the green area around the Weerwater, the lake in the middle of Almere that once was a sea. The running course consists of three or six laps. Every lap you pass the stadium where a big crowd cheers you on!

What’s in the Challenge Race Kit?

Every participant receives the Challenge Race Kit: a bag filled with various goodies and gear you’ll need for the race.

  • Challenge swim cap
  • MyLaps Chip
  • Bib number
  • Bike stickers
  • Helmet stickers
  • Bib Tattoos
  • Athlete Wristband
  • Red Bike bag
  • Blue Run bag
  • Green After Race bag
Challenge Triathlon: Almere-Amsterdam Day 1

Prize Money

Prize money can only be won by participants of the Long Distance. The fastest age-group participants of the Middle Distance have a chance to win slots for other Challenge races.

Prize money for Long Distance participants consists of  €38,000 in total, which is paid exclusively to Pro contenders, men and women separately:

1st: €6,000, 2nd: €3,900, 3rd: €2,750, 4th: €1,900, 5th: €1,500, 6th: €1,200, 7th: €1,000, 8th: €750,-

Pro athletes who finish in the top 8 also gain points in order to contend for the end-of-season bonus of CHALLENGEFAMILY. Click the button below for more info.

Dutch athletes also compete in the Dutch Championships during the long distance triathlon. The winner receives a medal from the triathlon union.

Start list

We’ll publish the start list a month before the race. Soon we’ll also publish news about pro athletes.

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