Preparing for the CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM requires training no matter at what level you participate

Xhale is proud to be offering you a FREE training program for Challenge Almere-Amsterdam Long Distance, to be held on 14th September 2019 in Almere. This race is also the ETU European Championships Long Distance.

This program has created by elite coach and top AG athlete Mark Livesey (co-founder Xhale). Mark has over 20 years experience, both racing and coaching, and he still continues to race at the highest level at 47 years of age. 

This program is aimed at athletes who are relatively experienced, and who wish to go sub 10 hours for the traditional long course distance. Be under no illusions about this program, you have to be at an already good standard, especially swimming. If you’re not swimming around 6.30 mins for 400m in the pool then the swim sessions will not be suitable for you. That said, the beauty of using Xhale is you will be able to readjust the timings and splits to suit your specific needs. Mark would also like to point out that by downloading this program doesn’t guarantee anything. In short you have to commit to the training, to go sub 10 hours takes commitment, volume and of course consistency. We hope you find this program and tips useful. 

Training hours per week:

Swim – 3 hrs to 4 hrs 
Bike – 5 hrs to 6 hrs 
Run – 3 hrs to 4hrs

Xhale and Challenge Almere-Amsterdam hope you find this program useful. Good luck on race day. If you have any further questions about this program, please email


Course test

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