The European Triathlon Union and CHALLENGEFAMILY officially announced that the 2019 European Championship Long Distance Triathlon will be held during CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM.

To participate in this European Championship, athletes need to register as follows:

1) PRO-athletes need to be registered as participants through their national triathlon union and need to meet the requirements that their national manager has set.

2) Foreign Age-group athletes need to register for our race first and then ask their national triathlon union permission to participate in the European Championship. If they do not receive this permission, they will participate in the regular Open Series.

3) Dutch Age-group athletes do not have to do anything accept for registering for our race. Together with the Dutch Triathlon Union, we decide which athletes can participate in the European Championship based on their license.
Dutch nationality (to be proven by ID during registration on Friday September 13th) is required. Otherwise, athletes will participate in the regular Open Series. For every athlete participating at our European Championship, it’s nescessary to have their ‘country code’ on their racing clothes. For example: for Dutch athletes this is ‘NED’.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the requirements for participating in the European Championship via