Challenge Expo

During the CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM Triathlon, it is possible to promote your products and services and to sell your merchandise at the Expo. This is an excellent opportunity to reach a wide target audience. We expect over 3.500 athletes at the start, divided over three days: Thursday 12, Friday 13, Saturday 14 September. Furthermore, we expect over 30.000 spectators during the event.

The Expo site is situated on the Esplanade, in the middle of the event grounds including the finish, transition area, and registration desk.

Challenge Amsterdam
Location of Expo is at the Esplanade, in the middle of the event

Options Expo

Unit for 1 brand, excl. tent* & options. (min 9m2)€50 p/m
Unit for multiple brands, excl. tent* & options. (min 18m2)€50 p/m
Unit for 1 brand incl. 3Kw electra, excl. tent* (min 9m2)€55 p/m
Unit for multiple brands, incl. 3Kw electra, excl. tent* (min 18m2)€55 p/m
Unit for 1 brand incl. 3Kw electra and 3×3 pagode tent€1250,-
Unit for 1 brand incl. 3Kw electra and 4×4 pagode tent€1325,-
Unit for 1 brand incl. 3Kw electra and 5×5 pagode tent€1400,-
Unit for multiple brands incl. 3Kw electra and 5×5 pagode tent€1600,-

Prize is for 3 days. It is not possible to book for less days. Signing the contract oblige you to attend all 3 days from opening till closing hours. Unattended or closed expo tents are not permitted and will be fined by loosing your €300 deposit.

*If you bring your own tent you are responsible for safety regulations. The fire-department will do safety inspections. Our event location can have strong winds. if you cannot bring own counterweight we will provide them against additional costs (€100 per tent).

Extra promotional options

    • List Item
    • Promo point near entrance : €150
    • Editorial in e-mail newsletter: €150
    • Banner on €200
    • Logo in the expo map and on expo terrain: €150
    • Crash barrier banner (self-delivery) on fences along the track: € 30 (per standard banner 2.5m long)
    • Custom made promo video of Challenge Almere incl. personal interview in your stand: €495

Please contact us to discuss this further

Participation package: €100,-

  • Publication of your news items on the Challenge Almere-Amsterdam website.
  • Publication of your news items in the digital press room.
  • Promotional material to communicate your trade show participation.
  • Publication of your special offer on the Challenge Almere-Amsterdam website.
  • Notification on Social Media (FB and Insta) of your participation at the Challenge Almere-Amsterdam EK Expo 2019
  • Notification in newsletter to the entire database of participation at the Challenge Almere-Amsterdam EK Expo 2019


It is not allowed to attach banners or promote you brand / products in any other way outside of your expo stand. To be able to use other means of promotion, please contact the organization for options.

It is prohibited to park your car at the expo during the race. You are allowed to use your car for setting up the stand, but please mind the set-up times mentioned above. Please contact the organization about your wishes concerning your departure time.

Build stands

You can build up the stand on race days before the races have started:

  • Thursday 12 September before 10 am (the Expo is open until 8 pm)
  • Friday, September 13th at 10 am (the Expo is open until 8 pm)
  • Saturday, September 14th at 7:00 am (the Expo is open until 8 pm)

The race site will be guarded during the night on Thursday and Friday, so tents can remain there overnight. However, it is not recommended to leave any loose materials or equipment at your expo stand. The organization is not liable for damage to or loss of any equipment, merchandise, or tents.



Please fill in the form for a reservation at the triathlon expo during Challenge Almere-Amsterdam. Minimum is 9m2 for one brand and 18m2 for presenting multiple brands. Electricity, tent, horeca, furniture etc. on request (additional costs). After you filled in the form, we will send you the invoice. Payment in 30 days netto, (10 days = -5%). You will be assigned a spot at the expo after we have received your payment. If you are interested in extra advertising before and/or branding during Challenge Almere-Amsterdam, please contact Lars Vreugdenhil via