The prize money is awarded to Pro athletes as follows:

Challenge Long distance European races pay eight deep with a total prize purse of € 38.000,-. In addition, an end-of-season bonus of € 140.000,- based on ranking will be paid five deep.

The € 140.000,- bonus will pay five deep across both men and women, with the top ranked pro winning € 25.000,-, second € 17.000,-, third € 13.000,-, fourth € 10.000,- and fifth € 5.000,-. Ranking will be decided through a points system based on placings earned.

2017 – European long distance prize money and points breakdown

PlacingPrize MoneyPoints
1st€ 6.000,-500
2nd€ 3.750,-400
3rd€ 2.500,-300
4th€ 1.750,-200
5th€ 1.300,-150
6th€ 1.100,-100
7th€ 900,-80
8th€ 700,-60
9th€ 550,-40
10th€ 450,-20

Dutch Championships

The overall awards for the Dutch Championships are won by Pro athletes. Pro’s cannot win Age Group prizes and the other way around: Age Group athletes cannot win prize money. In compliance with the manual Dutch Championships of the Dutch Triathlon Federation, it is expected that the Challenge prize money awards schedule sufficiently covers the winners of the Overall Dutch Championships category.

Heleen Bij de Vaate - winner Challenge Almere-Amsterdam 2014 Photo Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images 2014

Age Groups

In the Age Group, awards can be won in the following categories in the Long and Middle Distance:
< 23, 24-39, 40 and further per 5 year category.

For the Dutch Championships on the Long Distance, awards are rewarded in the following age categories:
40, 45, 50 and further per 5 year category.

Fastest local athletes
The fastest male and female athletes from Almere on the Long Distance receive the annual Ruud Graman award and the Joop Visscher-award respectively.