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Spectators will have enough to do and see during the Challenge Almere-Amsterdam race days. There are several possibilities to watch your favorite athlete along the line or online from your home. For the athletes of course it would be great if as many people as possible cheer them on along the swim, bike, and run course. Underneath we’ve listed a couple of locations where you can see the athletes during their race:

Esplanade, Almere Stad
The stadium is right in front of the theater Kunstlinie Almere Flevoland. Via the large screen, you can watch the race live from the stadium. Furthermore, the Long Distance athletes pass through the stadium six times before they finish. Long Distance participants will finish from 3pm onwards, but supporters will have enough to cheer for before that time as well: The Middle Distance athletes will need everyone’s support too! The party will really start during the evening when we bring in the last athletes of the LD together.


Oostvaardersdijk/Knardijk, Lelystad:
The athletes will turn right on the bike course near Lelystad at the junction Oostvaardersdijk/Knardijk. The dike itself will be cut off for other traffic than the participants, but you’ll be able to reach the junction from the direction of Lelystad. This location is great for watching the athletes on their bicycles after they just finished the part of the course on the Oostvaardersdijk with its legendary wind.

Havenkom, Almere Haven
Enjoying a cup of coffee in one of the outdoor café’s while cheering on athletes on their bikes: Be at the Havenkom in Almere Haven early Saturday morning and experience this relaxing support-option! Participants of the Long Distance will pass through the Havenkom twice.

Weerwater/Esplanade side, Almere
The Swim start takes place in the lake Weerwater right besides the theater Kunstlinie Almere Flevoland. Stand on the edge of the water to support the athletes.

During their marathon, athletes (LD) run six laps around the lake Weerwater (Middle Distance athletes do three rounds). You can cheer them on anywhere along the run course, but several triathlon clubs will organize parties alongside the course with music and a lot of fun. So join them in their festivities!


Follow the race live online

If you’re not able to come to the race but you do want to follow it, you can watch the race live online!

Social media: We’ll report live on the race on Facebook, including photos taken on the course and intermediate results from the top 10 athletes. This information will also be shared (a large part of it) on Twitter and Instagram: | |

Would you like to share something with us during the race? Use the hashtag #CAA2017 or @ChallengeAlmere

App Rabobank Challenge Almere: This free app was created in 2015 together with Rabobank Almere and My Laps in order for supporters to follow their favorite athletes during their race. Download the app ‘Rabobank Challenge Almere’ for free in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and enter one or more bib numbers of the athletes you want to follow. You’ll be able to see the location of the athlete(s) you follow, including their average speeds, intermediate results during transitions and more. You’ll also find news items, an overview of the program, and more practical information in this app. This website will go online on Saturday morning at 7.20 am so you can follow the Long Distance race live from around the world.


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There is a lot to see and do as a tourist in Almere, Flevoland or Amsterdam!

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Aid stations are perfect spots to watch the athletes. These stations are spread across the courses. See the map for the specific locations.

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Other entertainment

The Almere City-Mall features many shops. Filled with the latest brands and fashion trends, the shops can keep you busy while you wait for your favorite athlete. Just be sure to be back on time as you can lose track of time while shopping.

Kids will be entertained on the Esplanade.